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  • 東方政策40周年記念イベント LELM@2022第二回は「スマートフォンを使ってSNSで映える写真を撮ろう!」

東方政策40周年記念イベント LELM@2022第二回は「スマートフォンを使ってSNSで映える写真を撮ろう!」


今回も遠隔システム「HDコム」を活用し、日本写真芸術専門学校の講師 奥初起先生がスマートフォンを使った撮影テクニックをマレーシア校にいる参加者にレクチャーしました!


東方政策40周年記念イベント 第一回LELM@2022「アートワークショップ@マレーシア」開催!







第二回となる今回のイベントも、JAGAM(マレーシア元留日学生協会)や日本語学校A to Z Language Centreを始め、多くの企業や団体に協賛、後援いただきました。ヤクルトやキューピーといった日系企業の方々もスポンサーとして参加していただき、参加者にはプレゼントが配られました。




Look East Policy 40th Anniversary Event     The second event for LELM@2022 is “How to take photos for SNS with your smartphone!”

The Nippon Designers School Malaysia held its second event on March 19th, 2022 for LELM@2022!

This time again utilized the HD COM, an advanced service support information system technology (ASSIST), so that Mr. Hatsuki Oku, a teacher at the Nippon Photography Institute, could give a lecture to participants in Malaysia, real-time, about techniques for taking pictures with your smartphone.

Check out our first report to learn more about LELM@2022!

東方政策40周年記念イベント 第一回LELM@2022「アートワークショップ@マレーシア」開催!

This time, the lesson was broadcast from a classroom inside the Nippon Photography Institute.

Mr. Oku lectured on techniques for taking photos with a smartphone, after which the participants in Malaysia took out their own devices to snap some great shots.

All the participants were concentrating hard to replicate the new techniques they’d just learned.

The participants took turns shooting each other’s photo, and everyone had a great time taking pictures in the energetic and friendly atmosphere.

The participants showed each other the photos they took and posted some on SNS, and Mr. Oku gave individual advice about the photos they’d uploaded.

Finally, a group photo of the participants in Malaysia with Mr. Oku. What a great experience for collaboration between Malaysia and Japan!

This event, the second of the series, was again supported by several companies and organizations, such as JAGAM (Japan Graduates Association of Malaysia) and the Japanese language school A to Z Language Centre. Representatives from the Japanese companies Yakult and Kewpie helped sponsor the event, and donated presents that were handed out to the participants at the end of the event.

Further LELM@2022 events are being planned at Nippon Designer School Malaysia, so stay tuned to read our next report!